Namma auto

Namma Auto Project

Auto rickshaws play a significant role in the transport sector of India. In some cities, it works as formal transport , in few others, it acts as an intermediate transport (IPT) or feeder to public transport. In the cities of Bangalore and Chennai, it runs as IPT catering to 10% of mode share every day.

The Namma Auto project is aimed at reducing emissions and pollution from the auto rickshaw sector in Bengaluru and Chennai. While the project focuses on promoting a shift from 2 stroke to 4 stroke auto-rickshaws in Bengaluru, the effort is to enable a transition to electric auto-rickshaws in Chennai, as a last mile solution to the metro. The project also aims to promote sustainable lifestyles and improve incomes of the auto-rickshaw drivers.

35000 Auto Drivers Reached

1292 members in the driver cooperative

7100 drivers trained under the code of conduct

1078 Loans drivers shifted to less polluting Autos

5499 Enrolled to Government Insurance Schemes

Our Work


We are trying to build an environment friendly solution to address the problems faced By India’s auto-rickshaw rrivers and contribute towards sustainable mobility solution. In Bangalore


A first of its kind launch of retro-fitted electric auto rickshaws is taking place in Chennai which will act as a feeder to the metro station of CMRL (Chennai Metro Rail Limited).


Fondazione ACRA

ENVIU Foundation

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Women Health and Development (WHAD)